Top 5 Linux Distros of 2016! My favorites this year.

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  • BacklogGamingJunkie reply I love Linux Mint and Ubuntu best. They are such a light weight OS that work perfectly on a few small netbooks i have laying around
  • technomancer0101 reply Linux lite.
  • RoboLynx reply I put Linux Mint with KDE on my mom's laptop and she gushed at me about how much easier it is than Windows.
  • cowboy6591 reply Oh by the way, installing dotnet 4.0 is a rolling upgrade from dotnet 2.0 on up. You have to install all of them, and be ready for several total OS crashes and Re-imaging sessions from the clonezilla method mentioned below. 6 disasters in all before I got it working perfect.
  • cowboy6591 reply Linux Mint 64 bit 17 fan, It's tinker-able and has allot of 3rd party repo options for killer software, it also is possible to setup dotnet 4.0 framework on wine to run your windoze crapplications, I hate dual boot; now I have both in one OS. Caveat Emptor, LINUX MINT 17 IS EASY TO BLOW UP!!! Learn how to use Clonezilla bootable USB stick and an external HD to save your skin on these explosive experiments that are so doable on linux mint 17. I love the control I have over the Linux mint OS. And it's fun to blow up my computer, It passes the time. :-)
  • weka60 reply I have moved, for x86-64 architecture, to Antergos. Does everything. Cinnamon is native, and my default desktop: alternative is Budgie.
  • DrCut reply Very nice Ubuntu 16.10 "Yakkety Yak" We can choose everything! Mate, Gnome, etc. Linux Mint is cool but impossible to install some software like kdenlive.
  • shocka reply My personal fav if one is a Google user is Cublinux
  • NightfallGloam reply Later this week I'm actually going to put Linux Mint on my computer.
  • Elkplaysandpaints reply Nice choices. I should get back into Linux sometime. I used to play around with it a lot.
  • Sk4zZi0uS reply Personally use Debian/Ubuntu based distros as I type this. The machine I'm typing this comment on uses Ubuntu 16.10 Gnome but I am looking to try something new at a later date... probably still with Gnome though. Also use Ubuntu MATE, Debian Jessie with Gnome 3 and a few others. So many choices.
  • [ – ] rmkbb reply I recently installed Ubuntu for software development purposes to be dualbooted on my laptop that is also running Windows 10. One reason why I didn't go for other distro was because I was scared that other distros wouldn't support hardwares well. Any idea if other linux distros would support different hardward drivers ok?
  • nomsino reply although i like the gfx of elementary os, i really don't like the functionality of it :/.
  • sergiocodes reply Linux Mint has fallen from grace for me. It used to be excellent and my default choice for a distro - but not anymore.
  • [ – ] gamingandtech reply are those operating systems you showed in the video free ?
  • crimson_king reply Nice video. Itd be cool if you covered slackware. Ganted slackware isn't user friendly but if you want to learn.
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