Future Of Vidme, Thank You For 50+ Followers!

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  • [ – ] mandrewg_creations reply Thank you for this video, I am new here to Vidme and just trying to get my feet wet on this platform. I agree totally with you. I post because I enjoy what I create not trying to make money but of course I'd be lying if I said that wouldn't be a awesome thing but still I started for the enjoyment of it!
    • n0dy88 parent reply There has a potential that this platform can grow in such a positive way. But i think us as creators need to stick together! I hope you enjoy it here! Its so clean looking and simple and the community is actually glorious!
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I'm glad to find someone who shares my views on content creation and what one expects to get from it. 👍
  • [ – ] ITSnippets reply Its funny, so many people get into content creation because its 'easy money' and want to be the next Pewdiepie.. Personally, I had a job that was boring me to tears and i wanted to try something new. I'd be happy if i made the money back I've invested so far in my channel (WAAAAAAAAY more than I wanted to.. my sertup tour video shows that LOL). But I do agree, the community is friendly here, I do think the algorithm needs tweaked.. if you add 'vidme' either positively or negatively to a video title your gonna get lit on trending.
    • n0dy88 parent reply That is correct, i tried to wait for a bit before posting this video. I reached out to vidme support and asked " will i grow faster if i only post political or controversial content or have vidme in the title?" I didnt get an exact answer, but they did agree that there has been that exact trending terms being used. Heck, those on youtube can watch the trending tab and create topics if their channel is based around it.. i guess that can be here too..
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Interesting. Just learning all the politics and lay of the land on here. Thanks for the insight.
    • [ – ] ITSnippets parent reply Its not that scary.. On you tube, I have 15 followers and I still get people giving me abuse. As of yet, to date with 30 followers here, thats not happened.
      • Roamancing parent reply That's good to hear. I only just joined, but it seems to be a really positive community, which is refreshing.
      • n0dy88 parent reply its nutty. i have 1100 subs on youtube and 63 here. MY content gets more views and loving support from glorious people! itsnutty
    • [ – ] n0dy88 parent reply Oh you are welcome! It is very try to see the different positive outlook vidme has to offer. Naturally that may change if we get big youtubers comming over. I see vidme as the possitve helpful side of redit, the support staff / Tips and subs from twitch and the video outreach from youtube all rolled into one amazing platform!
      • Roamancing parent reply I like that >> re: "the positive, helpful side of reddit", as there is definitely two polar opposites there. Looking forward to seeing where this all goes, and enjoying discovering the community.
  • [ – ] Im_Lyfe reply Hello human! :D
  • [ – ] Iannis_Hour_LOOK_DESCRIPTION reply u are kinda late....
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