dragon boat festival and friends

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  • [ – ] amberthest reply Looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends <3 Mosquitoes are so awful, I have like a dozen bites right now :/ I, too, love that short hair feeling lol
    • [ – ] MeetingSkylar parent reply i did haha, it's hard hang out with them nowadays since we're all in different cities stressing over uni, but we will do anything to make it work. and oh my, i killed 7 mosquitoes that morning alone, it's the worst. i'm loving my short hair, my dad wants me to grow out my hair again but i'm not up for it, at least not now lol
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Wow, this was extremely interesting. I enjoyed every single second of the video, you put so much into it. You even got a friend to come out, I am glad you have 3 friends j/k. It was good to see you have fun.
    • MeetingSkylar parent reply I'm happy you enjoyed it, this vid in particular took me 10+ hours to edit since i've got 4days worth of footage to edit, but i'm very proud of how it turned out:) i'm glad i have friends too, hope i make more haha, friends always make me extra goofy, it was nice hanging out with them!
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Goofiness looks good on you! You seem much happier with your friends and when you are hamming it up with your family. You have a lot of great footage too. It was nice of you to help your friend to complete her class assignment. The part you showed of it turned out well. Your editing skills are top notch! I don't like bugs either, especially mosquitoes, because they don't hesitate to attack. You sing pretty good. Singing to your sister was cute. The shorter hair looks great! All in all, excellent video!
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