The Truth About Trump's Air Strike on Syria. - I Completely Agree With Paul Joseph Watson.

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  • [ – ] NelsonMendela reply The so called "rebels" have chemical weapons since the beginning of this conflict. Theses criminals wanted to gas entire part of the Syrian population and were very proud to show you how : The night of the Ghuta attack they were so proud they filmed themselves. Fucking Terrorists. All the western gvt and the mainstream liars support these bastards with our taxes.
  • [ – ] themillennialrevolt reply I really wish people would stop with the 4d chess crap their is nothing smart about bombing the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) who is actually fighting rebel groups and terrorists many who were funded by the US government. We know their has been so much misinformation told about the syrian war which was meant to drag the US into a conflict that has nothing to do with the american people. What is smart about bombing the SAA when we don't even know if Assad ordered a chemical strike which doesn't make sense anyway since the US said a few days earlier regime change was off the table then boom this chemical attack in a rebel held area doesn't add up. We do know the rebels have used chemical weapons before. Trump messed up now the Russians suspended communication over Syria. You have two nuclear powers backing opposing sides in this conflict flying over Syria and they are not speak like that can't go wrong
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