What Streaming Means to Me

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  • [ – ] Techmike23 reply had a similar experience. that's why we stick together!
  • [ – ] WolvenMedic reply I agree. Doesn't matter what platform you are on. It's the people you meet over the amount that seem to follow you. And aiming to put a smile on peoples faces is always the best way to go. Nice vlog mate ^_^
  • [ – ] FoxyFloofYT reply I've made friends with some of the most awesome people I've ever met in my life through streaming and I love them all, you and Wolven included! <3 Also, like you I view my followers as people and I want them all to come to my streams and hang out with me. Admittedly that would be terrifying but awesome at the same time! :D
    • [ – ] KevBo2099 parent reply I never imagined I'd grow so close with people I've met through streaming. Some of them very quickly, even. I'm very thankful for each and every one of them, yourself included.
  • [ – ] iTone reply very well said Kev. since i've started streaming i've noticed that the numbers don't matter it's all about the connections and interaction you have with the people watching. 👏🏼
    • [ – ] KevBo2099 parent reply I had a few good streams that really messed with my head, I think. But now the only number that matters to me is the fail counter. XD
      • iTone parent reply lmao well I love that fail counter it's my absolute favorite and it's different than what I've seen others do
  • [ – ] ArchaicRealms reply Hey man, I've never see you before. Sounds like good internetting to me. Thanks for the great message.
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