Introducing The New 2DS XL! Yep You Read That Right! Go Nintendo!!

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  • [ – ] ChrissyXG reply Awesome!!!!!!!! I'm with Ms. K as well I haven't used the 3D feature either. I might buy this!!! And, you're right the "DS" library is vast! So many genres!
    • MsLynn parent reply Yep, and I love it too! Looks really sleek. I'd been wanting a 2DS so I may get one, not sure....
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply wow it looks sleek tho,hmmmm are u getting one.No one really used the 3D part too much anyway
  • [ – ] Status3six5 reply I have always loved handheld gaming. I also never used the 3D on ds's cuz it hurt my eyes haha. I have been waiting for a bigger 2ds. I would like one but I don't need it soooo we'll see. I'll probably end up talking myself into getting one anyway haha - Taylor ❤
  • [ – ] LevelUpLeslie reply I do love that Nintendo is bringing this out. It did cross my mind to get it if not solely for the huge library of games already out, but I'd honestly rather save and get my own switch cause josh and I share one.
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