Why Are There So Many Jews Who Promote Christianity for Europeans? by Varg Vikernes

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  • [ – ] WithJewsYouLose reply Not true. Jews HATE christianity and promote ATHEISM. Look at (((Sam Harris))) and (((Christopher Hitchens)))
  • TruthSeeker29666 reply Science gives us alot of knowledge that previous civilizations didn't have at the time of the creation of most religions except for the more modern day new age ones. I am agnostic myself but the day that a supreme being comes out and says hey then I would be willing to accept without question that there is a supernatural force behind everything.
  • TruthSeeker29666 reply Every religion pretty much copies from other tribal religions in their region if you have noticed. The true question of there being a GOD is one we don't have an answer for. People can give arguments for and against a supernatural force that controls everything.
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