Kid Rock Already Leading Current Democrat Senator in Polls b

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Keep making these reports, it's the independent media that will get things done, as the main stream corrupt media is only there to serve as Propaganda. The CBC and CTV is infiltrated with Muslims, that use these corporations to promote ISLAMAPHOBIA, while they preach hate in their Mosque. The Dictatorship of Canada under Trudeau (Turd eau) has arrested a Reporter under Proposal (NOT a LAW) M-103 because Kevin doesn't buckle under this reign of ISLAM appointed cabinet. That is pushing for the installation of Sharia blasphemy laws, Remember Charlie Hedbo where they stop free speech, with how dare you say anything against the Prophet Mohammad. Your free to criticize Christian, Buddhist, Mormons, Hindu, but these special Snowflakes say they require special laws. WHY, because they don't want you to know what they actually teach. Kevin is doubling down on his reward to catch this hate being promoted in Public Schools where Sharia Law is give special rights in Canada. 1000 Cash Reward Is Now...more 2500 We Will Stop Islamic Hate In Canadian Schools "Annihilate The Jews" Californian Muslim Accused Of Spewing Hate
  • AntiThat reply I'd like to see him get in, not because he'd be great but because he'd be better than the alternatives. But don't you think he'd have been smarter to go for a congressional seat, away from the numbers of Detroit? Then again, he could be great if he takes the bigoted liberal media head on and publicly berates them. Every day. Btw, don't forget that Budweiser is an SJW corporation. It's far from being "middle America" and it's owned by a foreign megacorp anyway
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