What I developed from smoking K2

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  • [ – ] YungJ reply Yeah I've heard some horror stories about k2, I just stick with regular bud, hope you're doing well.
    • [ – ] PinkBeard parent reply I'm doing good now that I've stoped smoking I figure that if I wait to smoke it in a legal state I can trust where it's coming from.
      • [ – ] YungJ parent reply True but if I wait to move to a legal state I'll have to wait for years and I'm an impatient person so that won't work with me haha
        • [ – ] PinkBeard parent reply I get that. And it's only a personal choice on my part to wait cause if I start smoking again I'm smoking a strain called Charlotte's web which is high in CBD and low in THC so that I don't get to high which doesn't help either.
          • YungJ parent reply Oh dang yeah I get that, most people make up strain names and try to sell it to people in non legal states, so I understand.
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