John McCain (Allegedly!) Chuckles About Stopping Trump from Making America Great Again

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  • [ – ] AntiThat reply Would that be the same McCain who cheated on his invalid wife, then abandoned her for the rich one that he married next? That has the SJW wife and daughter from the country club set? Up to his neck in the Savings and Loan scandals of the 1990s? Accused by his fellow POWs of collaborating to get special privileges for himself individually? The liberal social engineer who tried to ban the UFC? Is that the guy?
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Make Canada Great again and get rid of Trudeau who is pushing for ISLAMIC Sharia Law. Keep making these reports, it's the independent media that will get things done, as the main stream corrupt media is only there to serve as Propaganda. The CBC and CTV is infiltrated with Muslims, that use these corporations to promote ISLAMAPHOBIA, while they preach hate in their Mosque. The Dictatorship of Canada under Trudeau (Turd eau) has arrested a Reporter under Proposal (NOT a LAW) M-103 because Kevin doesn't buckle under this reign of ISLAM appointed cabinet. That is pushing for the installation of Sharia blasphemy laws, Remember Charlie Hedbo where they stop free speech, with how dare you say anything against the Prophet Mohammad. Your free to criticize Christian, Buddhist, Mormons, Hindu, but these special Snowflakes say they require special laws. WHY, because they don't want you to know what they actually teach. Kevin is doubling down on his reward to catch this hate being promoted in Publ...moreic Schools where Sharia Law is give special rights in Canada. 1000 Cash Reward Is Now 2500 We Will Stop Islamic Hate In Canadian Schools
    • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance parent reply I'm afraid that we may need a wall to the north too.
      • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply NO, invade and remove the Communist party of Canada, there are Millions of Canadians that would cheer, too see Canada liberated.
        • [ – ] Liberty_Surveillance parent reply I hear you. I've been watchiing. At war here. If we win I think the commies may get the picture and dump that pansy and start anew. At least if we were to invade the people would actually want and have the brains to appreciate a democracy. I am ignorant about Canada's foundation. Quick lesson???
          • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply Not too much difference between Canada and the USA, up until about 40 years ago it was Christian, and just like the USA it has gotten more Secular. The difference is Canada had OBAMA (Trudeau) and his Multi Cultureless BS about 25 years earlier than the USA got the Muslim and Chief OBAMA. Both countries are seeing rampant liberalism, but in Canada it's paid with the TAX dollar as the CBC TAX payer funded Propaganda. Canada has a head start on the USA, with the first Trudeau DADDY who love Castro and Communism. Now Canada's has the SON Second Trudeau in the Government and because so much time has gone by many Canadian have fallen victim to the Brainwashing of the CBC, CTV. It's the same Globalist propaganda that is being pushed in the USA by CNN MSNBC. It's just that it has had less resistance and about a 20 year head start. For now it's similar in many regards to the USA, but there isn't as many protections built into the Government to protect Canadians from Trud eau as he wants to f...morelood Canada with ISLAMIC Terrorist so he can be voted into power again. The SON of Turd eau is a crooked and has a foundation and visit the Mosques. His father was a Communist lover and this one has embraced worship at extremist Mosques.
            • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply Some here are buying gold, some silver, me lead.!! Thank the founders for the 2nd ammendment.
            • Liberty_Surveillance parent reply I see. I hope it is that far behind. I think this was the last election where we could vote to stop the migrants. Once the dems had the influx we would have never been able to vote them out. Deomgraphics shift wuld have done us in. Not sure about the checks, they ignore them when convienent, Obummer slamed the Christians as often as possible. Never liked him from day 1 but wasn't into politics...was way too busy. They count on that while they push the young into the trap of socialism. Thx
  • AdachiTohru reply I wouldn't doubt it. That twoface looking SOB needs to just go.
  • Jijipoid reply At this point I don't fully believe anything really.. I just listen and if it makes sense I keep listening and just keep things in mind of what could be and what could not be so I am not fully surprised in the end more or less..
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Lie to me once, shame on you.......
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Why doesn't he just die and we can stop talking about him.
  • Unhipalmond360 reply Ever since John McCain stabbed Sarah Palin in the back shortly after the 2008 Presidential election, I have despised the man. I don't care if he served in Vietnam and was tortured and blah blah blah, that doesn't give anyone a free ticket to be dishonorable with people.
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