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  • WildcatCreekSurvival22 reply The aluminum bows were great, but having one in your hands during a lightning storm in the woods while hunting can be nerve wracking.
  • Cantewesa reply i believe my action bow is from the mid 60's, and i still regret not picking up the aluminum take down bow i ran across, but you are right anything with real wood has a great feel that you can't get with man made materials. have you ever shot any of the vintage aluminum bows?
  • WildcatCreekSurvival22 reply These were considered a deluxe build endorsed by Howard Hill but cost Pearson too much to make, so they were dropped in 58. I think the solid fiberglass bows are more long lived but don't have the same feel as these old 304's. I like the solids as they are completely waterproof and unaffected by inclement weather, and can be stashed underwater should the need arise.
  • Cantewesa reply i've never seen a wood core wrapped fiberglass bow like that before. i thought they were all solid fiberglass. i found a nice 51lb. solid glass bow this spring that i hope holds up for awhile yet. glad to see you weren't hurt, Mike take care!
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