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  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply I really like your strobe device, how bright is it roughly in lumens?. I always carry my Thrunite TN12 with me, has a Strobe setting on it. You could also strike something like a window if someone is in a vehicular accident and in need of help, or someone with it too in self-defense as it's tough. I don't have a video recorder but I always have audio recording running when I'm out. The Farb Gel you can wrap some gorilla tape around it so that if you do present it to someone about to do you harm and they do know what it is from the design of it, then it could make them think twice because all they'll see is a black canister pointing at them.
    • AspiePrepper parent reply I am not sure about the lumen output, but I do know they are super bright LED's. There is a stronger Stroboscope model available from Velleman. If you are interested, the one featured in my video the weak one.
    • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply Nice items man. Only thing I carry with me that you don't show is Tactical Pen and Handcuffs.
      • [ – ] AspiePrepper parent reply I also carry a disabled toilet key - you can buy one online for £4.99 but I know its a bit sensitive. I also have a handcuff key, first aid kit and a decoy robot. I change my EDC depending on the threat level. You might want to look into getting a secret pocked and temporary door locking device. A anti dog device is something I will probably be getting soon. Also do you know if emergency hammers are legal to carry?
        • [ – ] geordieprepper parent reply I also change my EDC depending on where I go. If I'm away from my home location for more than an hour then I'll take a bag with me, with First Aid Kit, GP-5 gas mask, 1 litre of water. Decoy robot, that's interesting and awesome :) I'm not personally interested in locking a door and my anti dog device if it comes to that is my belt, can quickly take it off and strangle any mutt that has a go. I forgot to say that I also carry tactical gloves with me also. Personally I am not interested in legalities. I do not cause anyone any harm or loss I simply carry what I believe is appropriate for the situation I believe might arise. I don't see a need to carry a hammer, tail of my torch could suffice for many things that a hammer could be used for.
          • [ – ] AspiePrepper parent reply I would recommend a anti dog device if I am honest - there's a new trend the crims are following. Because so many of them are getting nicked for weapons offences they are swapping to dogs. Its not too difficult to kill a single dog, especially when it jumps up, but its close range and only works with a single dog. I will probably be making a video on how to build a super charged anti dog device, I suppose such a device gives you some range.
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