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SomeTimes Sorry is Not Ever Enough Pt.1 of 5

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  • [ – ] k-love hello youtube isnt letting me post for some reason. whats up
    • [ – ] DancingSouless parent I haven't A clue as to why. I have been haven some issues with some comment sections. Thank you for letten me know. I do appreciate. I will take it up with the Youtube. I thought I was the only one seeing that issue but i guess not. so thank you for bringing that to my attention. sometimes it takes 24 hours before I can see some comments. but other commenters dont have issues. So I havent a clue as to what is really going on with Youtube.
      • [ – ] k-love parent ok its me mr smith btw from skype
        • [ – ] DancingSouless parent Also thank you for the Upvote on my video btw. I do Appreciate it. 😃🤝
          • [ – ] k-love parent of course. is there a better way to chat with you
            • [ – ] DancingSouless parent Your Best Bet is twitter since I am always check on there. you can direct message me on there and so on. just be aware though that you will have to request Friendship to see anything on my twitter. we got it very well protected. If your profile is protected Its an equal request so just accept when the request is sended and then shortly after I will accept yours. thats if your profile is protected. its makes it fair on both ends. its best to be equal 😊
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