Vidme Censorship (RE: CrazyRocky/ThuleanPerspective)

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  • OralRobots reply Seems to me that Varg threw a temper tantrum and stalked out without giving the VidMe team a chance to work it out. I can see where that might give Rocky the impression that Varg is an arrogant artiste type who expects others to kiss his ass. If Varg has 100k loyal fans, did any them miss their opportunity to watch the video in question simply because it fell off the trending page? Frankly, the trending page of any website is the last place I'd expect to find content that interests me, let alone content that I subscribe to. Of bigger concern to me is the fact that the people I follow keep dropping off of my Following list. It had ten people on it yesterday, now it has two. What's up with that?
  • [ – ] TheDualHandPath reply I did make this video to capitalize on the amount of people interested in this little feud, that's admitted. But you had nothing constructive to add the the debate/conversation, and are a self admitted troll. Meme away brother, just don't expect anyone to take you seriously.
    • [ – ] TheDualHandPath parent reply What claim in your comments did I not reply to in my video?
      • CrazyRocky parent reply If his audience were the only reason his video got views shouldnt all of his videos especially the "censored" ones have similar view counts?
      • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply I give you the actual reasons why I think Thulean was wrong, and you don't reply to them. If he was censored why did the vidme team say they were not censoring him? If he was censored why did his "politically incorrect" videos get more than others?
        • [ – ] TheDualHandPath parent reply His audience obviously likes his content for different reasons, so many factors go into how many views his videos get. I did see all comments. On his video and yours. Turn out, there a bunch of people who dis agree. Insane right? As far as the mods go, they DID NOT tell him he was not being censored. show me who, when, and where that was said.....
          • CrazyRocky parent reply I think @Deplorable_ED made a great video mentioning how Vargs video could harm newcomers idea of vidme.
          • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Also yes his audience likes him for different reasons but cmon he is trying to say that his 7k view video was being censored while his 2k view video was apparently not censored? Im referring to his politically incorrect content vs his politically correct content
            • [ – ] TheDualHandPath parent reply Again, that's bs. There were plenty of Varg's subscribers who disagreed with him and his approach, I was one of them. If you watch my video you will see that. I still don't see a moderator stating that he was not censored, as censorship is very broad, and I'm pretty sure the mods even know it is possible that he was censored, even if it was on accident. My over all point was that you added nothing constrictive to the conversation, unless "arrogant cunt" is your version of constrictive criticism. You do not know all the answers, neither does Varg.
              • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply No I did not have construcrive criticism that is not what it was about. It was about providing points as to why his allegations could potentially be false. Now I am not saying that ALL his followers agree with him I am saying the majority of the people who disagree with me ARE his followers. This is pretty apparent in my comment section. Now you must be clearly missing the moderators comment and I cannot post screenshots here
                • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply My video was to reassure people that vidme is sticking to their message. Post whatever the fuck you want.
                  • CrazyRocky parent reply I couldn't give less of a fuck if vargs channel deleted itself off youtube vidme and every other platform so why would I give him constructive criticism?
          • CrazyRocky parent reply Literally go to his comment section, and scroll down to see the moderators comments. And yes people did disagree but the people who disagreed were vargs loyal followers while some people who agreed with me never even heard of neither me nor varg
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Last word I have on this, if me being a troll is what takes away the legitimacy of my videos my most recent video exposing someone in a calm way is up. Odds are it wont get trending and wont start a dialogue BECAUSE I wasnt loud and obscene. If it does then obviously im wrong.
    • CrazyRocky parent reply And multiple people did indeed take me seriously, apparently you did too.
    • CrazyRocky parent reply I just gave you way more than that how is that all you took away from all of those comments? My channel is a troll channel yes but tha does not take away from my point that the evidence points to varg being wrong.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Hi I am currently watching the video and will continuously respond as I go. I did not look into Varg's past because I find it irrelevant, the video was not about varg himself it was about the allegations that he made. A few people in my comments stated that vargs video originally had turned them off of vidme, and thats a big thing I was scared of. The reason I brought up the point that I consistantly saw him at the top of trending was because he claimed that he was being removed from trending. Again in my comments you can see many creators saying the same thing (also I have been on the trending page many times by no means am I jealous). Now I can already tell that it seems you have a problem with the tone of my video, the reason I use this tone in most of my videos is because 1. My channel is a troll channel and 2. I firmly believe that only the loudest and most obscene get heard. If I hear anything else I need to respond to I'll be sure to reply to this comment.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Also I state in the title that they are potentially false allegations. Now also you ignore that I mention that his "politically incorrect" videos get more views than his non politically incorrect views. If they got taken off of trending hownwould that happen? Also they in his comment section tell him that he is not being censored. They want to keep him yes but he is not needed.
      • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply I am not judging this guy based off his opinion, I'm judging him based off his allegations
        • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Also the vidme team goes based off title and thumbnail rather than content of the video generally.
          • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Again I do not mind these creators I love styx I love razorfist I love all these guys im getting more followers because they brought people here. I was upset that varg claimed censorship when there was no evidence of it. I could not care less about their followers
            • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply It did harm people on vidme because a few people were scared away from vidme due to vargs video. I take offense to him stating it as if it is a fact.
              • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Also you say I made the video to capitalize on his success, with that logic I could say that you are trying to capitalize on my videos success (im not saying thats what you are doing)
                • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply He had no proof of him being censored and he practically said he only wants people like him on this site. That is what triggered me. Also again remember my channel is generally one big meme
                  • CrazyRocky parent reply And finally to end it off, if you read my comments you will have seen the amount of people who agreed with me. I love people with opinions trust me I have alot, but varg way jumped the gun. Thanks for the response
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