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  • [ – ] DXGOP reply Fuck me I'm verified lol (Get Ready) YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!👊🏼 Watch This Fucking Space!!!!!
  • TreyOBJ reply welcoming true montages to vidme, and probably the first ever with an axe which makes you a record holder??
  • [ – ] TrixxLucy reply Saw you announce this on twitter, you have another follower, and if I wasn't subbed I deffo would be after seeing this on here, keep it up :)
  • DXGOP reply Testing one two (Never gets old!) I mostly commentate while playing cod but will be dropping other games on this platform too if it's something you'd like to see lmk, really positive vibes about this site, this is my test upload to my new channel, just added my channel art too so hopefully that is up... This gone on way too long now (SUPER HYPED!!) Have an Awesome day😀👊🏼 I've been DXG, You've been amazing... Time to go Kaboom!!💥
  • showtimerider1 reply Hey, good luck on vidme, are you staying on YT though?
  • CODISCOD reply you should link this to your other vids on here or pin it as it really does set the standard!!
  • MickyC reply I lost my login but login with twitter is easier I noticed lol
  • [ – ] mickc8769 reply signed up as soon as I saw you were on here, I never saw this montage before, so happy I followed you here, can't believe how sick it is even though I know how good you are!
    • DXGOP parent reply That's crazy man, and gives me some more ideas for maybe an extended introduction to this beautiful site, stay awesome :)
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