Tools to Grow your Channel in Vidme & Shoutout to Creators

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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply for me a successful channel is not about the numbers, but the engagement and relationship with creator and followers. I gave these tools not to advertise your channels but to be more interactive with the community. Also I want to give a shoutout to @theoldsparrow @HungryJeff1 @conner @Y2JayDoesAsia @512markdd @warren @MeditationChannel for tipping my previous video. I appreciate it.
    • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply You're welcome, buddy. Yeah I know how you feel when it comes to follow for follow. I have a few followers that follow me and, something absurd, like 13,000 other people. That's not how I want to get followers. I want people to watch my videos and start a conversation about the topic. Not reach the highest amount of followers by the numbers that won't even watch my videos. You're right. Organic growth is the best.
    • 512markdd parent reply You're very welcome
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Eyyyyyy!!!!! That introoooo!!!!!! My boy knows how to get the party started. Man your videos are always excited. Thanks for tagging me!!!!! Wow!!!! I love your videos because you use comedy to all out the poo! Lol. You done it last time in your video and I love it haha. Yeah vidme creators here are great you are right. I agree jaiden animations is great even Ami (who i did shout out) but they are ok. I used the shoutout to shoutout who i think people who around me wouldn't usually watch. "Why you so handsome" hahahaha you are legendary!!!! Great advice on the ways to do well on vidme this is truly solid advice that a lot of people don't follow. Use your social media normally yes!!!! Hahahaha that balloon joke was too funny. Hahaha was that a set up? Or you just super random? Hahahahahaha "he smells criney" hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Super funny video loved it!!!!!
    • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply thanks dude for the cool words! yea, you deserve the shoutout. You commenting here shows that you are active in the community and i am glad that i like your vids and that you like mine too :P oh, the ballon part was random. i wish i found money instead xD
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply hahaha yes i love finding money in my pocket! usually there is none! that balloon part was super funny! thanks for your shoutout and nice words it means a lot. I was watching this while editing my video and i gave you a small cameo at the start your "cringe" part cracked me up so i hope you get to see how much you make me laugh. I do try my best to be part of a community. i love chatting and love conversation.
        • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply i'm just sorry that i mentioned your name very quickly. I wasn't really focusing on making the vidme challenge, i was focusing more on giving the tips and tricks. This video wasn't prepared. I just improvised and remembered your channel. i can't wait to see the vid xD
          • Rawman parent reply nah man this video is really well made you have a very unique way to your videos!! the first one of yours i see was happy SAD and was immediately hooked. knowing you improvised this makes me appreciate this more and honestly thanks for keeping me in mind i hope i done you justice haha.
  • [ – ] RaptorGaming reply "He smells cringey" -- Aiya, 2017
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply How many times did you have to throw that ball before you got that take? By the way, congrats, Aiya. Cool to have been harassing you all along in some incarnation or another.
  • [ – ] xNoble_Guardian reply ALWAYS GIVE UP. AND REMEMBER TO SURRENDER. or something like that...
  • [ – ] AwesomeGames007 reply Hey bro check my channel! Jk lol. I liked your tips. I have been trying to watch more people's videos lately. I found this guy @bobbythesheep who is hilarious because of it. Actually there was another who shall not be named, that was a disappointment but I liked his videos. Hopefully vidme can become as viable as YouTube when it comes to content creating for a living.
    • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Hee hee thank you human!!!!!! I really appreciate the shout-out you know? I agree with the philosophy. When I meet a new video creator, I always take the time to see their content properly, understand what they are about, and then comment. I find that it helps you know? Cause together we can lift each other up! Things only don't work when we look out for ourselves. But when we look out for others sincerely, good things can happen for EVERYONE, not just one HUMAN or one sheep, you know? <3 Thanks for the love!
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply The funny thing about I Hate Everything is he hasn't been uploading anything since Dec 9th and he mentioned in the description of that video Vidme is a mirror of YouTube and to ignore his recommendation of checking out Vidme. Anyway, another great video Aiya! Great message and congrats on 300+ followers!
    • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply Oh i didn't know he said that :P I'm sure he secretly checks out Vidme from time to time to see where vidme is going. Thanks for the support!
      • 512markdd parent reply Oh I bet he does lol. The only reason that came to mind is I followed him at first and was disappointed when he said that and then stopped uploading.
  • [ – ] GrayRPG reply You speak the truth on a lot of things on this video lol. This is my first time really being on this website and striving to be a creator and so far it seems pretty welcoming lol
  • RSNAnime reply I'm not sure if Vidme will even have monitization, or at least not how YouTube does it. One of their blog posts were saying that they want to keep advertose,etms to a minimum, which means that there won't be ad revenue for creators. Which while this might mean less money for creators, it also means that the site can be built around creators, not advertisements, which is a good thing. Plus I've made more money from generous tippers here than I ever made from ads on YouTube. I'll keep in mind the advice about tags too, that might help more people notice my videos. Great video, and congrats on the 300 followers.
  • [ – ] Dos_Gaming reply We could do the "Dos_Gaming" challenge! You'll got a month and who ever does the most collabs with me wins!
    • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply don't think about a new challenge now :P You better upload a new vidmevillains podcast soon. There are many new viewers who are thirsty
      • [ – ] Dos_Gaming parent reply I just uploaded a vidme villains interview! And nobody watched it!
        • [ – ] BrianAiya parent reply oh yea, i saw it, the interview one with some ladies ;))) you double uploaded it to your channel and vidmevillains right? i meant a full VidmeVillains podcast with the gang. Idk talk about the new updates in vidme. i miss your podcast
          • Dos_Gaming parent reply No, the one on the vidme villains is a full unedited podcast the one on my channel is just a short version of it.
  • [ – ] mindofklink reply Solid advice in your video. You're right in that most people nowadays can tell if someone is putting on an act. As you said, be yourself or rather more truthfully, be genuine. If you're genuine and work hard to make great content, you will succeed.
  • [ – ] MarcAngeloRocafort reply The dance is back 😂😂😂 dude I didn't even know you gave me a shout! thanks for the help 😊 Hahaha you always crack me up but also this video has been a big help, thanks for always making an impact in our community. P. S CONGRATS ON HITTING 300 VIDIZENS
    • BrianAiya parent reply the dance is only if i hit milestones ;) You deserve the shoutout. What are you doing here? GO GO enjoy your bday party!
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Congrats Aiya love these videos 😂
  • [ – ] Gorkey reply Hi dude i Wonder What u think about my channel maybe u Can tell me What u think
  • [ – ] KotaTail reply That would be me of I got 300 followers! If I would even get 50, 😂😂
  • [ – ] AvinashAshok reply Commented on a video of yours today another great video this will really help me thanks Bro!
  • [ – ] omegajim reply Great video, 300 is awesome. Keep it up.
  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply Its so nice to see this challenge still has legs. Dude, what an awesome video and congrats again on your 300! You're doing so well and your tips are great. Keep on keeping on!
  • [ – ] aaliyah_holt1995 reply That intro was cool
  • [ – ] TastySnackies reply 10/10 intro
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