Haunted dolls for sale and proof that I am who I am

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  • PsychoDolly reply Lucy ! Could you message me through Skype ? We can discuss everything there okay. I do ship worldwide and my shipping prices are actually very reasonable compared to other sellers, see most cash in by overpricing their shipping prices - I've seen it on eBay all the time there are many frauds on there with such dirty tactics, it's terrible . I use Royal Mail and in reality it is £18 maximum to ship a large doll overseas, well that's the most it has cost me to Aus/USA. Evelyn is a smaller vessel so she will cost about £10 to ship to Melbourne, now you will see other sellers charging ridiculous shipping prices e.g £30 and they will send your doll in a bin bag second class ha. I send mine first class tracked international and I enclose documents with each spirited object I rehome and you are also welcome to view investigations/ live feed regarding the spirited item in question, whenever I am free. Okay it'll probably be easier if you message me on Skype mariddjinn92505
  • phantom1989 reply Would u accept $65 for emeselda? do u ship to melbourne?
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