MonDI 12 | Weekly Short

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  • [ – ] Mozart_Forever reply Minor? Are you sad? This one spoke to me actually, even though I compose major, and happy pieces. We all get sad some times. I thought of someone who was so alone in this midimonday. I need to quit thinking though. It was a very good one Ben!!!
    • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Minor all the way baby!! I think in minor keys, but live a (mostly) major key life. But yeah, this was inspired by a depressing event, that viola A string broke. Dark times. So, out of spite, I recorded some viola playing just C string staccato'd and pizzicato'd. I then threw this on top of me playing Thank you though!
      • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply you better fix that thing, God knows there's already enough jokes about violas... You don't want one about the guy who could only play just one string because his strings were so cheap they broke... Or maybe it was just the viola as an instrument as a whole... ;) I'm so sorry... What did you do over tighten them while tuning? I remember one time when I actually did that on a guitar, and it was scary!!!
        • [ – ] cdnza parent reply -"Shots fired! Quick, someone grab the admiral." -"Sir, we can't find him. He seems to be Haydn!" -"Well, this isn't a time to play games. Our top-of-the-line A string baroque, and currently under attack. Find him, and bring him Bach!" "Sir yes sir!"
          • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply I just died. However over the last week I learned violist can't tune so I take my comment bach... I can't find any famous violist they must be Haydn too... As you can tell I've learned more jokes to copy over the week.
            • [ – ] cdnza parent reply Sorry, I don't know what came over me when I wrote this comment. I was messing around w/ "He Cometh Bach" right before this, and put me in a mood to make puns. But as Korra once said, "You gotta deal with it!"
              • [ – ] Mozart_Forever parent reply don't worry we all make these jokes with composers names I have an idea with bach I'll send it in email, I know you love it...
        • Mozart_Forever parent reply I thought I up voted this and apparently I didn't I'm mad at myself, forgive me!!!
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