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  • ClimatePonziLie reply We need to stress that Carbon Dioxide is NOT pollution. The Globalist Keep calling it Pollution and claiming it causes Global warming. It their biggest agenda to enslave everyone with carbon TAXES, everything they have planned has to have money and this is their next piggy bank. This money PONZI SCHEME will make the Federal Reserve look like peanuts in comparison. Every one if needs to keeps calling CO2 natural, then it harder to pretend it the reason for Climate Change. Your breath is CO2, Carbonation (Soda, Beer, Wine,) Bread Yeast is CO2, we have to change the narrative with constant facts that CO2 is natural and doesn't kill. We can't let them keep the narrative that it's pollution. We have to stress it free natural plant fertilizer, That shell fish use it to make their sea shells. Calcium Carbonate. That CO2 levels are near extinction low levels as it trapped in the lime stone after millions of years of sea shell production.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Carbon TAX PONZI SCHEME is part of making coal and other forms of energy more expensive so they can claim that alternatives are less expensive, that is why the Federal Government is conducting a war on Alberta's resources. It has Introduced 1 Billion Carbon Capture for NO reason but to increase the cost of Fuel production, New Regulations on Natural Gas have been announced. Carbon Pricing, Carbon trading, Cap and Trade, Carbon Credits are designed to enrich the Bankers of Wall Street. All fuels are TAXED and they plan to continue automatically increase Carbon Taxes every year to fund the war on the fuel there TAXING. This is a deliberate design attempt to destroy a vital industry to replace it with HIGH COST un-reliable intermittent fake energy alternatives that will put us all in the poor house. There destroying a efficient energy system with regulations and TAXES to drive up it's cost while they pass on a $14,000.00 rebate for Tesla cars. Were these same Oil and Gas TAX dollars u...moresed to build a Tesla learning Center. Then these Electric cars can help increase the demand for electricity even higher so everyone that can't afford and electric car can pay increased power rates for those that can as this will only drive the cost of electricity higher. People are seeing the truth and the results of this scheme, how it is increasing electrical cost so they have introduce pricing caps on electricity to hide what their doing until it's too late too reverse the damage these brainwashed climate change fanatics are pushing. It all part of the PONZI SCHEME to try an convince the public that their getting value for the money being stolen from us by the NDP and Liberal Government. They put up a good front with big Wind mills and fake benefits of their solar panel displays.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Faith Goldy: Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!
  • WilliamTheGreat reply Innocent until proven... what?
  • IamImport reply This is super wack...this makes a precedent, the rest will obviously follow. NOBODY SHOULD GIVE UP THEIR GUNS!
  • bxcope reply demterds wants to prevent everyone a gun so it is easier for them to take over your rights, cow you, if Libterds get their way, they will make life a police state
  • wolfalexzemla reply actually guns dont kill people democRats kill people
  • wolfalexzemla reply Seth Rich shot in the back and survived so they go to the hospital and finish him off there. Guns don't kill people, people kill people
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