Angela Merkel and the EU Army | The Millennial Revolt

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  • bxcope reply This women is a Globalist Communist, you are so right that is her plan that the few <Germany>rule the world or many. They started two world wars and now I feel the third world war is in their hands.
  • IwantFOOD reply if they dont pay up the 2% we will eventually leave NATO. we dont need europe, we got the UK and her common wealth, Japan, even China to an extent and of course North America. as far as europes future, they are on a communist lite trip right now. rather they snap out of it before their economies collapse or not, we can only hope. euopre has been changed forever, inviting in so many migrants they are now outbreeding the europenas and will have the power of the vote, of course to vote their own interest not necessarily that of their hosting country. either way, its goin to be one hell of a show.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply It's now apparent women want to fight on the front lines, against the Taliban and ISIS. Look out wonder woman down. Call a medic, Or they might call out a meeting of witches instead of teaming up with terrorist at a woman's march, the next wonder woman costume will be a burka. Women are the biggest supporters of ISLAMIC nonsense that ISLAM is a religion of peace. Then they watch this drivel of a empowered amazon kicking ass, But not one of them will stand up to ISLAM, WHILE there still free to do so. Were was wonder woman at the concert in England. There was none just a lot of screaming girls. It time that you did more that watch a movie ladies, get active and hold your leaders to the standards in the movie you just watched.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply People that say their scared to say anything about ISLAM because they don't want to be a target. News break you don't have to Charlie Habdo, if your not a Muslim they want you to convert or they want to kill you for them everyone is a target for we are all Kaffir to them. The children 22 girls that were killed are Kaffir, the people on the bridge that were ran over are Kaffir, the people at the Concert in Germany were Kaffir, or watching the fireworks display are Kaffir. Well I have some bad news for people who say they don't want to be on ISLAMS kill list to consider. Accept it you already are, because your a Kaffir you on a list in some Mosque somewhere. They just haven't published your name yet.
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Soon the people will say enough and physically remove our corrupt leaders that tell us that we need to accept these ISLAMIC perverts. The kids will be the next wave to demand that this stop because it is them that will be effected the most as it's their going to have to live with these barbarians for the next 60 Year. Those OLD Bastard (NOT P Correct) don't care as they are lucky if they live 15 more years so they don't want to rock the boat, there leaving the children to deal with their being chicken shits and not standing up to these terrorist. They don't want the Children to demand they stand up because they just want to hide behind their gates and burry their heads in the sand. Trud eau is a stupid play for play Trud eau Foundation
    • bxcope parent reply I agree on most points with you, climate ponzi lie, ur name is funny and true, I like this lady commentator. Merkel is a globalist communist, buttt, she is a puppet, she looks sickly to me, maybe she found out that some of her partners are PedoNazis.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Your 100% right now Amity International has come out and said that the French Government is using the Army to stop free speech and harass political opponents on May 30, 2017. Merkel told the people of Europe to get use to terrorist attacks, the ISLAMIC know that France and Germany won't stand up against them. This emboldened them to attack the French and German compounds in Afghanistan 90 Dead and 320 injured. Merkel is right French and Germany people will have to get use to being slaughtered by ISLAMIC extremist. as they continue to pour in.
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