How YOU Can Make Europe Great Again (in Five Simple Steps)!

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  • [ – ] kendrakane reply no alcohol? no thanks. Vikings would drink mead.
    • [ – ] JoshDalviken parent reply There's nothing hugely wrong in moderate drinking, however one must be aware that even in small doses it negatively affects your cognitive abilities, and impedes your body's ability to synthesise proteins. It's a harmful, addictive substance. Alcohol is also very expensive (which is money that can be put towards better things) and in my opinion tastes like shit anyway.
      • [ – ] kendrakane parent reply It's not expensive in the Czech Republic. It's cheaper than water and that actually is a problem. But yeah alcohol is mostly bad.
        • JoshDalviken parent reply You're right, it can indeed be dirt cheap too; but no matter how expensive or inexpensive it is, it's still harmful and not worth putting into your body. Milkshakes are a far tastier treat. ;-) Best regards to your beautiful country!
  • StolenMoment reply Well done.
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