The sweatbox

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  • OR2Spodcast reply The part where they say Disney is "constantly tearing down to make new" is really ominous when you know the future of the project.
  • RJSalt reply It keeps freezing at 1:13:06 and it has never done that when I watched it the first time. Am I the only one having this issue?
  • BlazeHeartPanthr reply It's amazing how much change can go through a movie to make it what we all know it for today, and this documentary (plus the almost 2 hour one for Lilo and Stitch) are perfect examples of how you do one. I just wish they had this released as a bonus feature on the Emperors New Groove, or at least a full version of the original screening (that was shown to the execs before the big change) that you could watch as an extra.
  • ILikeitOnOnes reply Ok. Not to take away from what this documentary is actually about ... I love that at 1:30, Sting is Playing Chess, while drinking a cup of tea, while holding a guitar.
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