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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Hillary makes lies, as it is she that moved to his side of the stage for just that one question it was pre-planed collusion with CNN, so she can create a fake narrative to create the feminist shaming tactic that the left keep promoting. Hillary is a creep that defended RAPIST.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Hillary Book is full of lies. I watched the live debate where Trump and Hillary were both on stage. The media and Hillary paly it up that Trump was standing behind her. This was a planned farce to appeal to the feminist, they even used a camera angle to produce this BS watch this video and at the 31 Minute mark watch Hillary walk across the stage too place herself in front of Trump too create this fake narrative for her feminist backers. She is a liar and a Manipulator and CNN is a Crap News Network creating lies to cause HATE. CNN is like NAZI Propaganda they gave Hillary the Question in advance and they orchestrated this depiction when it is Hillary that crossed the stage to create this false story. At the 31 minute to the 33 minute mark watch her walk across the stage and then the camera angle switches. Fake CNN BS proves media conclusion. Trump is behind her and at his Chair, the camera zooms in to make it appear that Trump is closer than he actually is. Hillary moved across th...moree stage as this was pre-planned. The Feminist man shaming machine trying to create an injustice where there isn't one. FULL VIDEO: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - 2nd Presidential Debate
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