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  • [ – ] manicidiot reply I agree with ludle, this was a very strong start. One suggestion is that you raise your camera up a bit as I feel like I'm staring up your nostrils. XD As for the content with in this: very well thought out and presented with some great passion. You're a fantastic orator, so I'm surprised this is your first video. Keep it up.
    • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Thank you, kind sir. You are not the first to suggest trying to alter the camera angles. I am going to experiment. The angle I used was due to my iPad (recording device) sitting on a desk. But I looked above it, so that I could read the script. I have no memory for trying to wing it. And I like the idea of providing a transcript, as a defence against any possible misrepresentation. But viewers feedback is always welcome, and so I'll work on the angles. The bad news, is that from above you get to see more of my receded hairline (it is decades past receding, lol).
      • [ – ] manicidiot parent reply There's a downside to any angle. The important stuff with in it (including the shoutouts, I knew all of them, except some idiot you mentioned) was well presented and you've got a voice I can listen to. You'll definitely get future views from me regardless of angle. That was just the filmmaker in me.
        • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Well, I really appreciate the advice. And the compliments. But anything I can do to minimise the discomfort of any viewers will be eagerly adopted. 😎 And the appreciation and recognition of other channels is really important to me. I have always admired other people who do it, and so it is definitely a habit I want to develop. And being upfront about influences provides a defence against accusations of copying (such as the whole "Skeptic Clones" nonsense). One thing's for sure, you'll never see me in a suit! I don't even own one that fits, lol.
        • Platypus67 parent reply 100% agreed.
  • [ – ] ludlep01 reply See, I told you that you could do it. Irs a very strong start, Looking forward to seeing additional entries!
  • Platypus67 reply That is one of the most humble, wonderful and brilliant video I've seen in a very long time. It's so good to see someone of a higher age - means more life experience - than me (i just reached half a century) thinking the same way and comming to the same conclusions i have come to. Your arguments are sound and grounded in reason and love and that's exactly what i like. (And try to achieve every single day - which isn't always easy in today's climate of discourse). I follow you now and I'm looking forward to watch more videos you'll make. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this - your very first - content!
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply Good video. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about those who have views that are on the left, right & middle.
    • JonTheBemused parent reply I am more of one for the up and down (up being authoritarianism and down being individualism/libertarianism). Apart from the usual suspects (a-hem, alt-left), there isn't that much to debate on the left-right axis. Socialism won't work. Unregulated free-markets won't work, and are what lead us to where we are now. And a state of some sort is inevitable, because some functions must never be done by private citizens (military, the police, judiciary, etc). But for everyone else, and that is the vast majority of people, it just about tweaking economically. And I think we can all be brought to see that sound economic and fiscal management are essential to the long-term health of an economy. As to the state, it is inevitable, but should be as small as possible. I have ideas coming on these topics. Though I think one's country of origin may play a large role in how this topics are perceived. As a Brit who learnt at school that our "democracy" is a sham, I have a very different view ...moreto an American will their constitutional protections. But having pumped out all this at you, please let me know what you think. Including if you think that my butt cheeks make effective lips.
  • [ – ] ConstableKranium reply Well said Jon. It's always interesting seeing people who fits in such a different demographic then your own share such similar ideas. Keep it up dude.
    • [ – ] JonTheBemused parent reply Thank you. I find that too, how different people from around the world, with very different lives, can see the same truths. It is heartening, especially when there are so many who seem oblivious.
      • ConstableKranium parent reply Yeah I think that if we can draw any positives from the current status of the world's political climate, it is that it reminds people like you, me, and all the other people who I've noticed speaking up about the enlightenment values that we hold dear, that we cannot remain silent and complacent. If anything, I feel like YouTube's and Google's censorship, and the msm's campaign against free speech and truth has been a call to action for our community and I look forward to seeing all these people raise their voices and come out of the wood work 😎
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