Orkestra Obsolete play Blue Monday using 1930s instruments - BBC Arts

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  • [ – ] astraleyes reply A New Order cover, right? Yeah I'm a Metalhead but at the time, dated a few girls who liked this kind of music so I know it. This reminds of me an orchestra that exists in Europe where they play period instruments. That saw is pretty wicked! I'd love to work with a saw player. Neat to see a theremin in there too.
    • [ – ] Thornack parent reply yes :) it is new order i also like metal a lot, but I also love new wave, goth rock and similar stuff, just check my channel. I just can't stick to one genre, there are to many good bands in a lot of corners, it depends on my mood what I listen. but I listen a lot to black and folk metal trough my life, even when I was obsessed with psychobilly :P
      • [ – ] astraleyes parent reply My wife loves both Rockabilly and Psychobilly. Yeah, I got a soft spot for New Wave and Goth because that's what the cute girls in high school listened to, so of course I had to at least know it.
        • Thornack parent reply nice :) i also like the good stuff in the rockabilly corner, but I have more with the dark taste of psycho, hahaha yeah I understand ! but I just love the sound of it ;P
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