Crashed My Brand New Subaru WRX STi

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  • DonaldJoe reply the car you just passed on a double yellow stopping after you wreck the car: Priceless This ks what driving beyond your limits like an idiot gets you. hope the law and your insurance gets ahold of the video.
  • dancernelia reply Stupidity! Well deserved Andretti!
  • noob5000000 reply Somebody's not getting an insurance payout
  • 16Wrxmsk reply All of you assholes need to shut the hell up. So what the guy was having fun in his car. And he had an accident. I'm sure none of you dumb asses would be saying shit if he had died. Sorry for the loss of your car man. It's sucks trust me I have seen my far share of car crashes. Glad your ok. A car can be replaced, you can't be.
  • RedPillGamer reply well deserved cunt
  • Frankygt93 reply It amazes me to think that instead of lowering your head in shame for being so stupidly careless and putting the lives of innocent car drivers and their families at risk, you post this video thinking that it's funny and we will all laugh. I'm consternated !
  • Cracktastic reply Well he made sure the window wipers where still working before the crash.
  • Sebou reply His insurance company won't need to see the video. The last car the guy passed will probably testify to the police how reckless the Subaru driver was. That's only IF the car stopped at the crash instead of laughing his ass off and continuing his way. :P
  • BigCam reply I love it, hopefully his insurance company won't pay for shit if they see this video, then this moron can be in debt for the next 6 years and ahve to ride a bike around. Fucking tool.
  • yougotserved reply I'm not saying this punkass shit is a retard... oh wait, I am, yes I am.
  • captslow reply He is very, very lucky! Hopefully he learns from this mistake and takes it to the track next time. Public roads are not a place for discovering the limits of your skills and vehicle. Even if this were a real rally stage, driving like that without roll cage and a helmet is suicidal. Start at the track by keeping these three activities separate: braking, turning, accelerating. Then work your way up from there in small increments.
  • badlytimedtweet reply HAHAHAHAHA. Dumb douche. You're not living in the Matrix. You could have killed somebody with your sub-par driving. Even with four-wheel drive did they not explain the law of physics that you can't take a right like that at close to 70MPH. EXOTIK straight to the EXOTIP. Somebody find this idiot in Oregon and get his licence revoked.
  • DanielTilkson reply Learn to drive before buying a car you dumb fucking cunt hahahaha you cant even hold the wheel properly hahahaha
  • leonkovz reply HAHAHHA utterly useless push and dont pull the steering wheel so you know when it understeers, brakes-cornering-poweeer not through the corner idiot.
  • rodrigo3 reply Ha you got scared. Don't rally unless you got balls. You need to hit the gas so tires can get some grip on turns like that. Don't let go of the gas and turn the steering wheel like a fool. That's what makes the difference between a good racer. You need to push the car in scenerious like that to get out of them.
  • Azaeleus reply What a fucking dumb cunt. You can tell by the licence plate that this guy is a self-absorbed simpleton.
  • AOXOMOXOA reply You're Lucky!
  • AOXOMOXOA reply You're a very foolish young man! I do hope you realize what you did and didn't do. You've got a lot of growing up to do. You're lucky you didn't kill yourself and/or some other innocent person.
  • okimar reply I'm sorry you survived the accident.
  • closer2theheart68 reply Thought this was a rallying video? This is just a dipshit wrecking his Subaru after being a road douche.
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