The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas - Nostalgia Critic

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  • [ – ] Hewy_Toonmore reply Rosie was a gorilla in Tarzan, not a chimp. First you mix up a leopard with a cheetah, now you mix up a gorilla with a chimp. I think you need to take a class on African animals.
  • [ – ] TheHeroOfTomorrow reply "Take this, you foreigner!" Wow...Barney was a racist.
  • DavidTheGamer reply Lol I watched this as a kid like a lot and the cartoon
  • znushu reply All the Flintstones live action films were bad. tbh
  • brandon_roberts reply "how does that work" it causes the casino machines to be set to lose which rigs it so people don't win, i was able to figure this out as a kid. nice video though critic :D
  • PhanatasyStar reply LOL, good jokes // i enjoyed
  • CaptainDeci reply YES! 3rd Rock refs! :D
  • amreed8 reply John Cho?
  • JBFNY428 reply Oh God, knowing Kristen Stewart From Twilight is in this turkey makes it even more UNWATCHABLE!
  • DkunzCartoons reply I forgot how off this sequel was, really makes the first one seem like a masterpiece. At least we got some good animated Flinstones movies, that being a man called flintstone and on the rocks.
  • [ – ] TommyDiazMillan reply Yeah we already know Doug doesn't like the Hanna-Barbera classic The Flintstones and only likes The Jetsons and Scooby-Doo better so let's see what he of this movie. And 2 b honest I don't hate the Steven Spielberg live-action film of The Flintstones. I thought it was good and it tried 2 b a little bit loyal 2 the original show. The sets, the costumes, the puppetry and John Goodman as Fred which was a good casting choice and sort of the highlight of the movie. So as a hanna-barbera fan growing up watching The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo on Cartoon Network, the live-action 1994 Flintstones movie is still not as horrible as people can think.
    • blazedu parent reply The only thing i would take of this movie into the 1st live action is betty. I agree, the 1st one was ok. This one is just terrible.
  • BrandonCroker reply Is there no role Alan Cumming can't be creepy unintentionally in?
  • JimmyDeanRodeo reply Man this movie was awesome back when I was like 11 hahaha!
  • AnimeFreakVidme reply Yay! I saw this in theatres and it really stuck in my craw! Thanks for ripping it a new one! :D
  • Robert_Gloversville1 reply Nice, this will help Vidme grow even more stronger in numbers by Channel Awesome being here.
  • edt49er reply I liked this movie as a kid, but even then I thought it was horrible. Kind of like the so bad it's good, but not really, I think I just had wishful thinking
  • blazedu reply i was laughing all the way through. Amazing job doug, rob and everyone else.
  • VAHHELLFIRE reply damn you nostalgia my mouth hurt from laughing !
  • TheRealAlBongo reply Funny! Buy I actually enjoyed the first Flintstones movie. Yeah I know, call me crazy.
  • HungryJeff1 reply WOW! What a weird mistake to make #WhichOneIsIt #G #PG
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