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  • [ – ] Kimota reply This was on of my very first ecchi animes that I've seen, ah the memories, it's curious because in the manga their bodies are more... usual?, normal?, proportioned?(ok no), but maybe just less exagerated, whatever, but knowing that they are only like that in the anime is just more funny, I also had the urge to look again the review of JesuOtaku and Sage of this anime, and well... I could find it in NicoVideo not YT, I didn't knew what happened, heh, thanks for the memories.
  • [ – ] ShriekingShade reply Not even High School Of the Dead didn't try to throw this much fanservice in your face
  • tonygreene113 reply Following to catch on to more of your casts. This anime is colossal.
  • CloudKnight reply this anime is lit
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