FLIMSIES AND GOODKHAOS KILL EACH OTHER! GoodKhaos and Friends play Dead By Daylight Part 3!

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  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Hehe. That bit where the killer was basically right next to you, but didn't see you but you couldn't say anything because you didn't want to give your position away. Intense. 8-O Another entertaining let's-play.
    • [ – ] GoodKhaos parent reply Yes! I've found my favorite thing to do when playing this game with friends is to see how hard you can troll the killer without getting caught! It's a dangerous game but makes for entertaining moments! Thanks so much friend! Thanks so much for running through all my videos! You absolutely rock!
      • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Yes, quite entertaining indeed! I happened to see a comment you posted on someone's video and decided to check out your channel. After watching a few vids, I'm enjoying your content, your personality and style, so I've already followed. Us content Creators should try to be supportive of each other. Cheers! :)
        • [ – ] GoodKhaos parent reply Thanks! It means a lot to me that you enjoy my videos! I want to make people smile and laugh so it helps motivate me! I don't have as much time to watch videos as I'd like but I agree. All smaller content creators (you're way bigger than me but still) need help and who better to offer it than other content creators 😁
          • [ – ] MysticSword parent reply Exactly. I make videos for several reasons. Part of it is that I find it therapeutic and helpful to me in various ways. Part of it is I hope that some people that watch my videos can be either entertained or learn something that could be helpful to them, or perhaps something that just helps them relax and feel happy. When I get comments from some people that they enjoyed or appreciate my content, well I'm happy for that and it's always a reward in itself. Yes, I understand, I don't always have the time I'd like to watch other Creators videos, but I try to watch some vids here & there when I'm able to then upvote and comment on the vids that I enjoy. That's one way I try to be interactive with, supportive of and part of the Community here. Best wishes! PS: I still consider myself a rather small content Creator in the bigger scheme of things, but making videos and being part of the Community here is something I enjoy doing and sharing. I plan to keep at it as I'm able to (sometimes I...more may get busy with other priorities though and might not always be able to creates & upload new vids as often as I'd like). Keep at it my friend, focus on the positive and have fun with it all. :)
            • GoodKhaos parent reply I will try to make it part of my weekly routine to visit your channel! Glad you stumbled upon my stuff! Keep up the good work and once I'm not at work I'll check out some more of your stuff!
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