Censorship of violence and sex in video games: who does it and why?

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  • JRCSalter reply I despise censorship in all its forms. Granted there should be some form of censorship for children, but once you are an adult, you are fully capable of making up your own mind about what you can and cannot see. And anyone who blames any form of media for the actions of an individual is merely seeking to lay the blame on something other than the individual. At the moment, my country is seeking to censor the internet. It started with porn (because it's such an easy target and nobody is going to come out and defend their right to watch certain types for fear of being outed as liking that stuff), but is now set to become worse. That's not to mention the NSA style spying they want to do to the public. I am so freakin' happy the PM has called for another election just so I can vote her out. Anybody but Tory.
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