humans are still alive! |The Uncertain Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day | Part 2

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  • [ – ] DarcsenOfLegend reply I haven't seen many good robot stories in games or movies before, so this is a breath of fresh air. Very compelling, so far!
    • [ – ] DavidTheGamer parent reply Yes it's pretty good I loved it can't wait for the others to come out! thank you!
      • [ – ] DarcsenOfLegend parent reply So you plan on playing the other episodes when they release? When did the first come out?
        • [ – ] DavidTheGamer parent reply yea big time! im gonna play the episodes as they come out. episode one came out like 2 months ago.
          • [ – ] DarcsenOfLegend parent reply Cool! So, considering how episodic games go, we should be getting Episode 2 any week now. (Assuming the devs didn't run into any huge issues. Hope they didn't.)
            • DavidTheGamer parent reply Yea i'm have to go check out when the next one is they are a small indie team and they said they had to do it in episodes due to have much money they have. I'll have to go check.
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