Ireland Begins Surrendering its Freedoms

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  • JohnE9999 reply If you can't handle your faith being criticized, your faith isn't very strong.
  • ComputingForever reply Thanks for subscribing to me over here also guys. Cheers
  • TheCarstard reply I will be using this platform exclusively now. Nice to see you CF :)
  • DylanG reply I'm actually quite surprised that these laws exist. Being a Catholic of Irish decent, I still have to say that these blasphemy laws are stupid. The people's right to their religion is already protected, and anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws already protect the faithful from being abused as a result. Like another commenter said, if one cannot handle their faith being challenged, their faith must not be strong. Jesus always said we'd be living as sheep surrounded by wolves. I've debated people of many other creeds, and although it may not convert anyone, it has made me stronger.
  • c_arnold03 reply As long as Europeans are peaceful and passive about this, Anti-Christian European movements will continue to escalate against all ethnic Europeans and their sympathizers.
  • AlcibiadesCleinias reply Pucker up to kiss jew ass
  • johngalt2600 reply It wasn't just attacking free speech regarding religion but also political free speech. Even more so when you realize the Cult of Statism is both religious and political. Focusing only on the religious part makes it look like you're following the NWO programming of Albert Pike.
  • Pediaan reply This is stupid. This is basicly an act against discrimination on base of religion, which is already punishable by law in most democratic country's.
  • [ – ] agt1965 reply Blasphemy's definition is about like the U.S. 'legal' definition of pornography, "I'll know it when I see it".
  • Fuji086 reply Wonderful. Laws like these are what happens when you combine religion with government.
  • Hybridlycan reply Why cant I see this video?
  • GradVM reply Fucking chilling.... There is really nobody to shoot that marxist scum soros?
  • The-Chosen-One reply Just signed up to this.
  • MaxIzrin reply Yay! The notifications work!
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