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  • [ – ] Leadhead reply Tara, you perfectly rock 😉
  • Tonystone reply Good video i loved it miss
  • John-Goras reply I like when they had Spock cut loose. Like they'd go to some planet, that had psychotropic pollen in the air and he'd get a good dose of it and turn into a beatnick/hippie. Or there'd be that Vulcan thing once every 5 years or so where he'd have to go back home and ritualisticly engage in mortal combat and screw some arranged lady Vulcan. Good times. almost as good as Robots Mutants
  • Noside reply More fapping material yaay! :D
  • [ – ] BackSoon reply I hate beards. Nice video.
  • SammySlays reply anybody else notice the camel toe?
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Roll the man porn ... the light grey v-neck with black/red hand is my favorite so far.
  • TechyFarm reply I don't know why I keep coming to this channel for more punishment ;)
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply I keep trying to take you seriously but the attention whore thing gets super old fast.
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply All content creators want attention. If you don't enjoy my stuff, don't watch. Same goes for if you "can't take me seriously" because of my appearance, or whatever.
      • rulesforrebels parent reply Keep doing ur thing
      • [ – ] DarkQuark parent reply You make a good point about attention. I get it. I guess my point was your over the top appearance detracts from your content in my view. For example that political video you did a few days about was fabulous. But if look a certain way people will assume certain things about you. It's how the human animal works. Anyways do more politics please that was a great video.
        • TaraBabcock parent reply I don't care what people assume about me. I guess it's even a helpful mechanism to weed out those who won't look beyond initial preconceptions. I don't really care about those people's pseudo-respect. :) I will do more! I do them so rarely because everyone else already has, and better!
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