Liberals - Are We Making Things Worse?

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Bernie Sander wife under investigation for Bank Fraud, When did Bernie know, HIS wife was committing fraud. That doesn't matter to him because he knew the DNC was rigged so Hillary would be the candidate of choice. He kept raising money for his campaign. Bernie is a criminal Fraudster also, just like his wife. THIS TOP NYC DEMOCRAT JUST GOT BUSTED WITH KIDDIE PORN AND HE WORKED FOR OBAMA AND DE BLASIO
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Canada got some Great News May 27, 2017 We have a new leader in our Opposition Party Conservative that has values of supporting Canadians. One of his promises was to eliminate the Carbon TAX. He said it's shameful how they TAX home heating fuel. Now we need to get him elected in 2 Years. The current leader Trudeau showed his pink socks at the G7 as he is a Feminist. I think people should start a trend by presenting him pink panties or pink socks, maybe even some sarcastic remark like put them on or give us a kiss now. LOL To see Trudeau present his UN socks watch. Faith Goldy: Trump vs. Trudeau on the World Stage
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Moral relativism, Every Culture has their own moral relativism, to see it one need only look at the Middle East, where women are stoned to death. Homosexual are thrown off the roof. People are executed for witch craft. Laws change and moral relativism is present in Canada, Divorce laws change, Drug are legalized. Sharia ISLAMOPHOBIA laws enacted. My point is if you allow in Muslims eventually they will demand that Gays are thrown off the roof. Satanist killed for witch craft. The CBC is a propaganda machine using our TAXES to Brainwash people to accept Carbon TAXES. The illusion is that we think for our selves, when Hollywood and the main stream media work together to impose there changing rules on everyone. The only thing that remains consistent is they think were their cash machine. Trump said he ran against the main stream media, people voted for him because they know what your saying is that the Government is using it's power to rob us of our freedoms. With LAWS, TAXES, PROPOGANDA,...more SPY WARE, TECHNOLOGY, IMMIGRATION, ETC.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The deep state has invaded Canada, George Soros is a supporter of Trudeau. Trudeau has been actively changing Canadian law to support Terrorist. He has passed the ISLAMOPHOBIA Sharia Law Bill M-103 do not insult the prophet Blasphemy. Now He wants to make it illegal to deport Terrorists bill C-6. Also he is reducing the amount of time required for them to become Canadians and get passport to only months. American student should be taught the truth of ISLAMIC violence and how to combat it, that will have to hold the media accountable to the truth. That Social media has to be keep free and the monopolies like Google and Facebook have tried to sensor free speech. Hopefully that will include exposing the networks of the Islamic Brotherhood and it's related organization declared as terrorist organizations. The students will have to look outside of the USA to see where these terrorist are setting up camps and which foreign leaders need to be declared international criminals. Canada is becomi...moreng a haven for Islamic terrorist under Trudeau as many to the illegal boarder crossing are illegals and convicted criminals entering Canada. As part of there schooling these students should be encouraged to put pressure on Canada and Mexico to rid their countries of Radicals and gangs as part of their education on how to fight terrorism in North America. BREAKING – Supreme Court Ruling NO Islam In Public Schools watch?v=JfFP9sj_BCk
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