Fanboys and corporate slaves are pests in favour of monopolies!

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  • unforgivenplays reply As for consoles, I prefer having people buy them because of its merits, not because of the exclusive games they hold hostage. Guess what happened. I was called "backwards" for thinking this. Meanwhile, the minute the XBOX One started having its exclusives on PC, people lost interest in the console. Like they don't even like the console at all... why would anyone buy one if you don't like it?
  • [ – ] JRCSalter reply I owned an iPhone 3GS, then switched to a Galaxy, and then back to iPhone again. I saw very little difference in what I needed with each phone. Now, however, the iPhone is what I need. Currently I have a word processing app on my desktop and mobile that is not available (or not available in its complete form) on non Apple devices. This is the most important thing for me, as I can write on the go, and then continue to write when I get home. And no, I cannot switch to a different word processor, because Scrivener is the absolute best there ever was. I think Apple have definitely gotten worse since Steve Jobs died. No more innovation, stupid ideas (the headphone port is simply the latest in a long line of them getting rid of ports, but their new wireless mouse is the dumbest idea in the whole history of dumb ideas. A mouse where you can only ever use it if it is not charging?), and charging Β£70 for a stylus? That's a new low. If a full featured Scrivener becomes available on Android an...mored Windows, I'll look into making the switch.
    • unforgivenplays parent reply I came across a channel of a guy who repairs Macbook motherboards. As you said, they make silly design choices and shitty mice. But from his point of view, Apple actively makes it very hard for repairmen to do their job, because they would rather have you pay $700 to replace your laptop instead of fixing it. Really not a fan of this practice.
  • Joejoesgotflow reply This was and still is On point! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘ very Accurate! I wouldn't just stick with a Company just cause of the Company themselves, you just have to do a bit of research, and go for the Superior Product!
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