5 CLASSIC Cartoon Network Shows That NEED To RETURN!

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  • sarah reply yes yes YES. foster's home, courage, and ed edd n eddy were my favs back in the day. so so good.
  • adambradley518 reply And chowder was just disturbing.
  • adambradley518 reply Ededed Ssssssuuuuuuuuucked
  • Froban reply Ed, Edd n Eddy was my favourite cartoon back in the day. I missed the finale but catched up to it years later. I think a few of these, like Ed, Edd n Eddy ended naturally...I don't know, I just don't want it to return only to be a shell of its former glory, just like Powerpuff Girls *shudder*. I think there should be cartoons that should return ONLY if there's potential for there to be more in the show, rather than nostalgic purposes.
  • MFKraven reply fuck i loved Chowder, Flapjack, Ed Edd & Eddy, and Courage. But I feel like they were cancelled because creators were running dry on content. Courage was absolute shit after season 2. and I couldnt pay attention for the newer stuff for Ed,Ed&Eddy long enough to give a shit. i always credited Chowder & Flapjack for ushering us into the new age of cartoons on CN tho. I love the old stuff, but I think the main reason producers cancel our shows is to teach us to grow up. I loved watching The Simpsons as a kid, but I see it now and I'm just like "meh"
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I think "Be careful for what you wish for" would be appropriate.
  • spiderfan_MJ reply Personally, I don't think Fosters or Chowder need to be brought back as IMO I feel like for me anyways I've seen what I need to see. While not a fan of Courage I can see it being brought back for Adult Swim and Ed Edd n Eddy (my favorite cartoon BTW) I would like to see a teen years version of on Adult Swim. The CN show that IMO NEEDS to be brought back is Teen Titans. I feel stronger about that every time I see/think about "that other show".
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