THE WORLD'S HOTTEST CHIP - Russian Roulette Style

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  • Gavinmation reply Charlie's reaction is immediately priceless. I saw Brad Jones try this chip and he got through a gallon of milk. You guys are brave.
  • MrJoelDee reply I'm glad you guys tried it at the end. Was only fair lol.
  • NvanzGaming reply That plane never made it to Canada, due to some fiery explosion occurring in the lavatory just before take off, the cause is still unknown and under investigation.
  • sarah reply i just realized how good of prank that'd be to hide that spicy chip in a bag of doritos
  • Ramona77 reply Great Video!!
  • spicytots reply LOL omg i died at the end with the black and white scene and sad music. rip all ur buttholes
  • elite-jaguar reply Me and the missus are gonna have to try this one! Great upload guys!
  • Prideful1 reply Big tip for future hot food challenges, alcohol will wash away the capsaicin oil that causes the burning sensation. Swish thoroughly, gargle if possible and your choice of either spit or swallow. Ideally it should at least be in the 40% range, the alcoholic content of the liquor.
  • JustHypeVibe reply Whoa!! I would truly try this challenge!! #Spicyfood4thewin
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