Fuck The Transabled (From A Cripple)

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  • [ – ] Lotus_Anime reply Well, that's the kind of crap it boils down to when there's "Feminist"BS everywhere, with virtue-signaling-orgasms going on, so they want a part of it... Btw, followed you from your minds-account, after I followed Dave, after I followed his "Computing Forever", after seeing a part of his video on pr0gramm.com ^^ Now expanding my horizon from the german media I used to watch on television years ago to the point where I can tell, yup, I have only been told a part of the truth, most obvious in the part of Trump just "being bad, because it is so.", where he is mostly taken out of context. Or the "demon of Russia", but in other news: hey, let's buy their gas! ...
    • [ – ] Lotus_Anime parent reply Can't access the link, so searched myself, found more than I wanted... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3256029/Woman-dreamed-blind-DRAIN-CLEANER-poured-eyes-fulfil-lifelong-wish-says-happier-ever.html I only read the article and saw the photos of her (I can't say where the story is true or not, build my opinion on what I've read and saw). To sum it up, this doesn't seem to have ties to the Feminist-BS I thought it would be. The story began in her childhood. And it seems to be some form of psychosis. I kinda don't think the psychologist is to blame, he is replaceable, if one wants to find someone who does this, chances are, they will find someone, it wouldn't have to be a psychologist. I'd rather say, "at least" that was the "only thing" wrong with her. I found it puzzling, that there is no mention of her getting money for her now being blind (at least I found nothing pointing to that, except for her to "raise public awareness", which is kinda vague). I stumbled upon this phr...morease quite a few times: "as a problem with the body's mapping, rather than a mental illness". So I searched for "body's mapping". The result are multiple sites each trying to explain on its own, what that is, sort of confusing... But those don't seem to change my view on the thought, that she got some form of psychosis / mental disorder. I grew up in an environment full of several kinds of disorders (almost none with physical ones), so maybe I got a more neutral view on it. What dangerous is, that there are and will be even more people, who want do abuse this way of diagnosing and getting treatment they don't deserve while the media jumps onto that train, in the hope of dividing even more groups, stirring things up even more...
      • Lotus_Anime parent reply Well, sums up a lot around the Feminist-BS for me, especially the last verse: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/ashesremain/endofme.html "Black and white melt into grey till every truth is stripped away When nothing’s wrong nothing’s ok Everyone has been betrayed "
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