Nuclear energy is fake

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  • letslookagain reply Lol operation teapot! Yes atomic energy is fake as. Look at the image on the cover of this book about John Aristotle Phillips, the so-called "A-Bomb Kid", the failed physics student who supposedly invented an atom bomb, its a cup of tea!
  • JamesHenrySmith reply The quantum physics is also fake. Electricity is magic.
  • JamesHenrySmith reply Free energy powers the nuclear reactors, i've always thought. Nuclear doesn't ever make any sense. Or do they have oil power plants hiding.
  • NoCode reply Ps, Mendeleev was a t-man
  • NoCode reply JS, the whole bottom row of the periodic table is a hoax, I have a vid coming on it (when time allows), compiling the info for it at the moment. Cheers for this, great vid!
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