Cycle Ride 22April17 Golf Course & Summit YNUI NZ

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, Philip, thanks for sharing your ride! I like how you edit the video to the music. The berry & nut smoothie looked nutritious and delicious. The time-lapse was cool, because I like time-lapse. The view atop the summit very scenic. Learning new software takes time. Don't give up! You'll be having lots of fun with it soon enough. Good job!
  • [ – ] DiamondDebLP reply I love smoothies & we have those glasses too. I enjoyed the ride, thanks for taking us with you. :)
    • JustABloke parent reply Majority of my rides I don't take the camera, I don't get a good ride/workout because it slows me down too much trying to get smooth shots. Actually I took the camera out 2 days ago, must edit that and upload it soon.
  • [ – ] roo3story reply How big is NZ? I rode a mountain bike when I came here, about twenty years ago. I walk now. Not to too many places. But seeing your footage onna bike, it made me think about doing more walking to different places. I used a have a dog. He died last winter. I think it also influenced where I would walk--the dog, I mean. *laugh* Looking at your videos is making me rethink this. Recently, I do a bit of camera phone (not even the phone, just the camera), shitty little camera--writing is more my thing but I have always been influenced strongly by visual--but looking at your video has me thinking about walking more, in different places. The light where I live is simply gorgeous, some days. I like taking pictures of architecture but I can't be fanatical about it. I use it more for reference or even bookcovers. Hm. I laughed, for a bit, as I watched you riding down roads with no cars. That doesn't happen here, much. I live in the middle of Canada, a fair sized city. I used to hate riding m...morey bike on main roads; I'd ride on the sidewalk instead. Amazing how far you can go onna bike. But I walk so I know I can go far, I just haven't lately. Funny the habits we get into. Maybe, I'll run and walk too. Have fun. Gorgeous fawking territory there. What is the population of your suburb? I used to live in Toronto. That's huge. Have fun. Keeping vlogging! Heather
    • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply From what I have seen, I think Canada is beautiful. I seldom travel outside our capital. I would love to live in a place where it snows every winter. The reason why I like vlogs is I meet really great people, who show us how they live and where they live. I'm actually going to do some video's showing our walkways through some of our forests (which incidentally is within walking distance from home). I bought the Sony Handycam just for this reason (has inbuilt stabilization), it's the cheapest of the series. Oh now thats an idea for a vlog LoL show differences. I've followed this YT guy from Canada and all he does is record his rides. I realise it wouldn't appeal to many, but to me, it is like touring his county through someone's else's eyes, unscripted, unbiased raw footage. You should record your walks and where you walk, I would be so into that, the camera on your phone is all you need. I only started doing this since Feb so I...more'm extremely new at this, and unlike a lot of people here, they can produce brilliant content every day, my last 3m45s video took me 18hrs to edit.
      • [ – ] roo3story parent reply I know what you mean. I've doing a lot of writing/thinking related stuff and getting this camera phone (which I use to make bookcovers so that applies to the writer thing) and the weather here being so quickly so nice--I swear by Winnipeg standards, we didn't have a winter this year; terribly odd--my eye is becoming hungry for landscape. I know this sounds dumb, but, to me, your vids are a series of images. What a feast for the eye. I've been debating using youtube, lately, and someone introduced me, by accident, to vidme and here I am. I'm starting to go through your follows and have already found a homesteader I am enjoying, so thank you. I'll be around. I'm pleased by the editing on your vids: not to worry, it looks fine. One thing: did you leave your camera sitting while you jogged around that field. that day? Wouldn't someone steal it? *grin* Carrying this camera phone, even, makes me nervous. I keep thinking I'm going to drop it. Have fun. Heather
        • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply I really would like to watch one of your walks, once you get that 1st video up, the rest would be flying of the shelf. And soon you'll be doing your own book reviews/storys for us to enjoy. Check out @MarzieMalfoy she is so good at narrating storys. I'm going to follow you because just maybe you would upload a video and I don't want to miss it.
  • [ – ] Dazzlinglatte reply Didn't know you made videos. Love the editing!! 😀 Also, thank you so much for subscribing to me.
    • JustABloke parent reply I don't really make video's, I'm not good at it. Only reason I'm on Vidme is to watch people like yourself. You guys are a lot more passionate and sincere in what you create, it's the small things can make a difference. For me it is not the video but the people behind the video. I'm in the commentaries, and I read every single reply, and most often I interact. In this raw internet environment, there are real nice people out there. Subscription is deserved, I'm thankful for you being, well just you.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Thank you so much for another beautiful view of your town! I can't wait for the video on your thoughts :)
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