Randy Stair is Andrew Blaze

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  • Setw88 reply I love your commentary Shaman! I think Randy Stair was a lost soul. It is sad he had to hurt innocent people. I do believe in the good in people, but when it comes to Randy I think the darkness took over him. He didn't want help, he was lost in his dream world. He HATED everyone!
  • Alex773 reply I love the uncensored Shaman!! I forgot how much YouTube tamed you bro.
  • Sectual reply LOL @ die and become a hot ghost girl. Randy was so lame. I love what you do, BasedShaman. You were totally born to review other peoples' shit material and actually make it enjoyable, ROFL. I looove you over here on VidMe, you're so raw.
  • michael-cyber reply While obviously his crime is very serious, and I feel for the people affected, whenever I see this loser I can't help burst out laughing now.
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