Darkest Dungeon E11 (We can't go home yet, we need more loot!)

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  • [ – ] Master_Trolls reply I can't pay you unfortunately but my first video will have your link in the description!
  • [ – ] Master_Trolls reply Thanks for the follow, mind promoting me across every video on the website?
  • [ – ] Mister_Shots reply 0:00 your It's "GUY HON-DOH" get it right. Living without an abomination is un fortunate? why? Can you name someone Cantaim Worthshit? I know it's the wrong game for it but it would be funny non the less I think. Up to you of course 8:55 looked nice to me. :) 12:23 well that's too bad :)
    • GHondo parent reply Are you suggesting you know my name better than I do? Try again, cupcake! :) And yes, living without an Abomination is unfortunate, since we are trying to get at least 1 of every class to Level 6. I can rename people, just not sure how many characters I get. I'll try it... :)
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