Vidme - Viva La Revolution

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  • SpaghettiYeti reply I like how this site is basically the old youtube when it first started out. Low res videos, stick figure videos with no voiceovers. Its so nostalgic. Great to be here.
  • northportage reply YouTube was probably pressured to become a safe space. It was one of the main platforms used by independent journalists to dismantle propaganda in realtime. I think that is why all this is happening at this point in time.
  • AMindofVlad reply Kinda a wrong point about the song, and will get the rules sooner or later, but YouTube definitely needs a competition, or even a replacement, like with Digg incident.
  • RobotUnderscore reply Whether vidme does the same thing or not, the monopoly must be broken
  • Cantevenyugioh reply Viva la revolution, more like Vidme la revolution am I right 10/10
  • BeyondModern reply So while I like Vidme (y'know, I'm here now, whatever), your example of them giving you a Content-ID claim (which is absolutely not the same thing as a copyright strike) is kinda bad. Content-ID claims have actually gotten better over the years, back in 2008/2009 YouTube would just straight up mute your entire video for using a song. YouTube is still a shit, but them giving your a content-id claim is not their fault. Chances are, those other people who have used their raw sing have gotten the same thing. I have gotten bogus ID claims before, but nonetheless, you would've gotten an ID claim for using Pumped Up Kicks no matter who you are. And Vidme can't escape Copyright laws. There isn't much here to begin with, but they will have to adapt policies if companies don't like what's going on here. That's what happened to YouTube. We can only hope policies will still be better here.
  • RandomFootage reply #DeadYoutube A new generation shall rise.
  • Flintoff reply #BreaktheYTmonopoly
  • BigGoy4U reply (((They))) realized that Youtube was too powerful to not subvert. Youtube gets more eyeballs on it than even cable television. If you want to control the narrative, you must control any media outlet as large as Youtube.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply If only someone made an anti-DMCA video of some sort...
  • ThaHippieGyal reply Youtube is becoming more worse with each passing day and I can't stand all this Goddamn Drama! I've made a pact with myself not to post anything on that site anymore! SMH! So yea, Vid.Me here I come.
  • Ichnos reply I totally support this site, BREAK THE MONOPOLY
  • Mondmann reply Yep! I made a similar video talking about how people should move to VidMe that has also been featured on the front page of the site. VIVA LA REVOLUTION! #youtubeisoverparty #youtubesucks
  • TechKitten reply This is why I am here, #EndYTCensorshiporusevidme2016 , nah, just kidding, but still my YT channel is nothing.
  • ArchaicRealms reply My fun story: I made a "song" with the auto-setting on Garageband, and posted a video on YT. Three people placed content id flags on my video and made it impossible to ad rev. (I've never earnestly tried to make money on yt..) It was hilariously depressing. The system is down! lol
  • canttel reply Whats up with the sad piano music lol
  • SpoopStup reply Viva la tampon
  • roanndald reply It'd be better if song changed to something happy when you started talking about vidme.
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