Calibri Reacts to...Random Creators #8

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  • Calibri_Funtimes reply This week we randomly discovered: @Tritrot @Koni_Control @ParadoxPictures @ThomasCozine Go check them out! Sorry, @Kota & @ScribbleSeal I seem to have forgotten to include last week's random question. Also, sorry everyone, this video for some reason took a solid 4 hours to upload. (I think I need to go slap my internet.) I'll get better at doing this, promise!
  • [ – ] xNoble_Guardian reply I think out of all the time I have been on Vidme, your 'Calibri Reacts to...Random Creators' series is my favorite series!
  • [ – ] skpacman reply heh :) yep, more peoples added to my list
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I think it's the combination of your super pleasant personality and how that plays into how you react to the random creators that I like. If someone else were doing the same thing obviously it would be different but that said it wouldn't be the same if that makes sense.
  • [ – ] KayToons reply Honestly I love your enthusiasm you have in every video. It makes the video 100x more enjoyable (even though it was already 100% enjoyable)
  • [ – ] ThomasCozine reply Thanks a ton! You're the first person that's ever given me a shout out. I really appreciate that. I'm glad you enjoyed my videos. I think you'll go far here on vidme. You have such an honest and enjoyable personality that just can't be matched.
  • [ – ] ScribbleSeal reply Vidme would be such a different place without you! Great video as always. :D
  • [ – ] DevinSeviyn reply I loved this! Followed!
  • Calibri_Funtimes reply Hooray! I'm tickled that you find this so enjoyable! I have no plans on stopping anytime soon, either! Because I genuinely have so much fun doing it! Thanks, @EchoWaltz!!
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