Konami Is Trying To Get Back Into The Gaming Industry

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  • [ – ] Quwie reply Plan A : Make games people actually care about, hint/reveal something during E3,leave MGS alone, stop milking Castlevania and hope to win back consumer trust. Overall they should be fine due to their older history and range of IP's so long as they are serious about this.
    • Skipx parent reply That would definitely the best plan of attack. Also when they apologize to the gaming community they also need to personally apologize to Kojima
  • [ – ] DunsparceDiglet reply I actually never heard of this side of Konami's story. I'm one of those people who've only really heard of the Kojima incident and based my judgment on Konami with that and games from the company that I own. But going with what you said and factoring out the Kojima incident. I don't think that gamers with atleast some loyalty to Konami and its IPs are going to be that dismissive of its return to gaming. The markets probably going to be fairly accepting of that company (especially Japanese Market) so long as they advertise the right franchise in like the next E3 or something and they don't blow their budget on a title. Super Bomberman R and maybe the YuGiOh games (well I guess just franchise) they maybe light on the example but that profit and the proof of some QA's all that matters.
    • Skipx parent reply I see what you're saying but, there were a lot of people upset over the Kojima situation and how they laid off a lot of their employees with no warnings. Also there were a lot big gaming industry personalities (Game developers, youtubers, and streamers etc..) who gave their disapproving opinions on Konami publicly. I know most people don't care about that stuff but, personally I can't support them with my pockets.
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