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  • [ – ] nesfilo reply Good content, I loved it The edition is very good
  • [ – ] Divine_Truth1 reply You should look at the subliminal messages in adverts and television programmers, films etc., perhaps open peoples eyes to the mind control around us? Anyone well produced video. kudos to you :-)
    • [ – ] NexoReviews parent reply Cheers man, not sure I know enough to make a video on that subject! But it's a cool idea :D
      • RichardWendling parent reply Wing it, the topic is wide open. Just record some satyrday morning cartoons on TIVO and WHAM you will have a voice over show. Even if you clip out the shows and only watch commercials! Lawdy!
  • [ – ] sowhat-vidme reply I was scared by going into the cellar.
    • [ – ] NexoReviews parent reply I never had a cellar :(
      • RichardWendling parent reply I used to get locked in the unfinished basement by my sisters. Jokes on them, I found my dad dirty mag stash, and I always liked basements....In our two houses prior to this I would hide in the basements...It's always cool and no one goes there!
  • [ – ] Yellow_Syrup reply Lol Great video!
  • [ – ] LazyCook reply In the 60's when I was a kid, the titles from Dr Who gave me the creeps and I would hide behind the sofa until they finished.
    • [ – ] NexoReviews parent reply Hahaha! With the re-launch in 2005, i was doing the same XD i hate the direction the show's gone in recent years
      • LazyCook parent reply Like everything else on TV nowadays, it is written by a committee of coke snorting 'creatives'. You already know the plot, the hooks and the ending before they start.
    • RichardWendling parent reply When I discovered Doctor Who around age 6 I had been turned onto Brittish TV by Benny Hill(bare boobies on TV), Then Dave Allan, Then The TWo Ronnies. Oddly I saw Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy on PBS before Doctor Who. Doctor Who was on in such a late time slot, I usually fell alseep. But once I stayed up to watch HHGTTG which was on in lieu of DOC WHO I was Hooked on Both and started reading the books of Both! I hid behind the sofa when Ingine Joe Came on The Tom Sawyer cartoon on Banana Splits Show! Yup Behind the couch I'd fly! Live action with animation mixed! Thi song is a trigger and a half lol!
  • LYSERGICWORLD reply yeah there's no word for being nostalgic for things you used to be afraid'll have to invent one.
  • NickOfTime reply I love how you did these reviews while also encouraging us to check out these works as well. Well Done!
  • [ – ] PowerKegGreg reply I felt the same way with The Mask! Loved everything but the first time he put on the mask. I always fast forward through that part. Awesome video!
  • [ – ] dariojames reply The Simpsons..........
  • MUMS-Universe reply It's midday & got to finally finish the video. Lol Yeah, I can see how these could most def mess you up as a kind. Good video, funny list & looking forward to watching part 2.
  • MUMS-Universe reply Hahaha. I should have started watching this earlier in the day but now it's close to midnight & I'm tired. Very funny so far & yeah, this is a good media that messed you up as child list. Anyway, off to bed before I see something that messes me up as an adult. Lol
  • Bobtoronto reply Oh I liked that, a lot! I could certainly relate although the films that messed with my mind are much older because, well, so am I. I saw Carrie on TV when I was about 12 years old. That messed me up for life!
  • [ – ] Weirdmusician reply apart from jason and the argonauts, the original clash of the titans are great movies with stop motion
  • [ – ] TheAttempters reply Love your intro
  • WalkingForWeightLoss reply NexoReviews, I don't know what's wrong (or maybe right) with me because I don't remember being scared by movies or TV as a kid. However as an adult I am still reluctant to get eye correction surgery since there's a flash-forward-to-future Simpsons episode where Ned mentions his eyes fell out after that surgery. Also, didn't the Final Destination movies have an eye surgery death scene? Anyway the scariest thing I'm battling these days is calories. 👍 to you and this channel.
  • [ – ] Jens_Books reply This was fabulous!
  • RichardWendling reply Watched "Jack The giant Killer", really enjoyed this movie. Remember certain parts from early childhood viewing disconnectedly. I remember the Dog and Monkey on the narrow Viking boat and worrying about the actors safety...I must have been at a party viewing this like at the local drive in to have not watched raptly....I was glued this time around. (My local drive in had an pinball arcade and mini golf attached since 1973. America FAck Yah!)
  • hemonecrophagia reply you know now that I think about it, one movie that really messed with me was pink floyd's "the wall", I completely understood the movie, the character, and his pain and trauma's, and that bother's me. another few were the "sixth sense","John Carpenter's The Thing", 'What Dreams May Come', "Dark City", "Bicentennial man", hook(that scene where robin runs away from home), "The Witches", "28 days later", "They Live", "Sucker Punch", and finally "The Grudge/Juon" .
  • [ – ] hemonecrophagia reply Two thing's that had me afraid of the before age 10, first was Doom on pc,it was bad ass, but left me scared to wander around in the dark, out of fear of the unseen demons. the other were the lickers from Resident Evil 2, the fact that nothing was inaccessible to these creatures, was horrifying to me, the could hear your heart along with your breathing, they seem to drop out of every nook and cranny, not to mention they were inside out, with large talons, fangs, claws, a long stinger for a tongue, and a long jumping range. their speed combined with there jumping capabilities made being quiet a high priority for survival in RE2.
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