Goodbye Vidme - More Censorship Than Youtube - The Search Goes On

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  • [ – ] victuruslibertas reply Whining? Not at all, What I am saying is the algorithm here makes it impossible for news channels to trend and they frown upon controversial subjects. So, did they delete my video, NO? Do they allow News videos to trend, NO..
  • Kill_Steal_Gaming reply So, you claim censorship, yet in your video you just kinda whine that you aren't trending. What exactly was censored?
  • EmmanuelGoldstein reply I can confirm from my experience that they definitely don't seem to want videos about political topics and they are treated less favorably than other videos on Vidme. But you should look on the bright side, at least they verified you - whereas they keep rejecting me. And while I don't want to think it is because I made videos criticizing Communism, I also don't know what else it could be?
  • [ – ] Slowbloke reply I see far less horrible toy channels, copycat commentators and vine compilations on this platform than on Youtube. Head over to if you haven't already. I've been there for a month or so, and it is still in it's beta, but it's great for news and political debates.
    • Kumari_Goddess parent reply I've been on Minds for a few weeks and I love it. As of now, they seem to be pushing free speech, which is reason I started account. You're right, great for news and political.
  • [ – ] KayToons reply They have a political category on here, though. I don't go there much, but it's there. Plus, the age group you claim Vidme has boxed itself in is mostly what people watch regularly on YouTube. Anyone over their 20's mostly watch for a tutorial on how to do something, or educational things if they're teachers or something like that.
    • theoldsparrow parent reply He hit half of the age demographics that are available as being the only people that use vidme. Sounds like The Fox and the Grapes to me.
  • NoLongerIgnored reply please cover the unlawfulness in family courts and CPS that are stealing the children from loving families? Please. I can give you more info if you don't know about the extensiveness of it. Thank you!
  • DieNetaDie reply i subscribe to you on youtube so I will get your content but will miss being among the first 10 to upvote or comment But plz give vidme a chance
  • ChrisGilliam1 reply Vidme seems okay, but they really need a way to monetize videos. I kill cute furry animals on my channel and haven't been censored yet. :)
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