Cops and Robbers Party Shut Down By Protesters

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Morality police of Saudi Arabia and the SJW, have taken it upon themselves to create an Authoritarianism that want's to mandate what people think. What people are thinking is they are getting fed up of ANTIFA and BLM and every other blue or green hair SJW and are ready to stand in numbers against these Authoritarianism Communist.
  • thoughtcrime1984 reply These dingdongs are *literally* the Fun Police at this point. Next time I throw a party it'll be Students Uninvited. Gaaaah.
  • ResistanceChicks777 reply Great critic! Hyperbolic! It is a part of the Agenda 21 see Lisa Havens video on Youtube. The UN got together this week to resolve to implement Agenda 21. In their itinerary for the week they listed all of this. One part pacifically list "words used" to destroy those those object to their politically correct agenda! It can be used to show those who don't believe that it's hyperbolic just point out the sentence in their own papers! People will see it's just an act! A planned act! A plan drama!Narrative used by those at war to destroy All free nations.
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