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  • [ – ] pjalmighty42 reply Sigh...Fucking burn-out Baby Boomers....They had fucked things up so badly that it's going to take 2-3 generations to un-fuck their stupidity. Honestly, if they would just go away, stay in their houses, and stop parading like the village idiots, we might actually fix the utter mess they left.
  • [ – ] ElCidDos reply I still can't wrap my mind around how so many Europeans can be so blind to the consequences of unfettered immigration into Europe. It's like they are incapable of imagining an immigrant ever doing something negative.
    • [ – ] the_antiweeb parent reply the propaganda is real, friend. over here we get brainwashed from early childhood... people who don't have time to inform themselves are pretty much done... they won't even listen to you if you try... but that's nothing new, overall
  • [ – ] Viride reply The problem is not democracy vs the elite, because let's face it, democracy has failed. The problem is that the elite are a bunch of psychopaths who want Europeans to go extinct. In this context, it makes sense to want more democracy, but even that will fail once Europeans start being a minority in their own countries. Just because something happens democratically, doesn't mean it's good. One day a Muslim majority could democratically decide to implement Sharia Law.
    • the_antiweeb parent reply yeah, it seems to be coming that way in the next years/decades. but no fret: eastern europe WILL experience a cultural AND economical revival not seen since before the EU and the ones with the ears and eyes for it will be able to tap into that potential... poland/hungary ... look out for those countries that's just my estimation tough :)
  • Sectual reply Lookin' sexy AF Dave!!! <3
  • wolfalexzemla reply how about a 6 week boycott of you tube and facebook.
  • wolfalexzemla reply How did people get to be so stupid. monsanto vaxcines floride. wwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaatttt! we have to fix stupidity.
  • RoboLynx reply Holy shit, Dave XD I fucking lost it when you did the autistic screech. I needed that laugh.
  • blindfire reply That was the perfect REEEEE! face.
  • Anti-Globalism-1 reply Trump/Brexit/Trump/Brexit/Trump/Brexit/Trump/ your video.
  • TheMichaelJShow reply An uninformed citizenry make for a strong consuming population. And in the end, isn't that all the MSM really cared about since the creation of medium?
  • AmphibiousFire reply Nice video man! I'm new here so I'm just trying to get used to this and I found this channel. You just got a new follower! :) Keep up the good work
  • KayakuKaiju reply ALMOST THREE? Well, by St. Fartsharks, that's all of them! Or maybe just as high as I can count.
  • blazedu reply just like that women's march...probably more than half the people that are there didn't even think "why am i protesting? why do i think remaining is the better option?". these are not only sheep but zombified sheep.
  • TheChambersofMyHeart reply People need to get over it. The UK I'd taking back its culture and country. Long live England.
  • Dead_Rabbit reply That guy honestly seems mentally- handicapped.
  • jimited reply A fellow work mate thinks I am a xenophobic racist because I voted brexit. The hysteria is unbelievable, people really are clueless zombies.
  • RobertCardwell reply The Battle of the Somme was to defend our civilization? Not really.
  • scotbayless reply Cheers Dave. Great work as usual. Is it me or did that guy spend an hour too long at the pub before he showed up for the protest? Staying subbed on YouTube, but I'll watch you here from now on.
  • Eucalypta reply I followed you here, I'm also still checking you on YT
  • ChaosPPE reply exactly lol
  • MrSchnitzel reply i find it incredibly hilarious to watch these people operate and retweet their arguments hence my twitter username
  • MirceaSava reply Great Russell Brand impersonation, even though, perhaps unintentional?
  • the_antiweeb reply look at that disgusting *racial buzzword*, *gender-buzzword* don't you know censorship is for the best of all? don't you know we are the sheep and need to be herded intellectually lol all joking aside... this is such an interesting time to be alive... everybody behaving like monkeys flinging turds and i'm just standing here listening to the new gorillaz stuff
  • AmateurBellyDance reply I'll take 2 t-shirts! lol
  • DisgracedDoor reply People just tick me off sometimes
  • Narcistego reply "Let's use money (from our jobs and/or taxpayers) to make big signs, and to also (using vehicles) transport ourselves (with our cool glasses and warm comfortable clothing), to a safe location within the city so that we can democratically fight against our 1st world society!" :P
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