Graphics Card Coil Whine Fix

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  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply The world needed this video. I'm glad you referenced G-sync instead of v-sync. I wouldn't want to enable v-sync because I can't deal with the delayed frames lol. Maybe capping fps at 60 would be another alternative to v-sync that could solve this problem?
    • Micavity parent reply indeed, I only cap my frames for wow, because no other game I own tries to run the damn game log in screen at 500 fps lol
  • Micavity reply lol PartyPotatoMan, thought it was kind of silly
  • PartyPotatoMan reply Its like herpes lol
  • Micavity reply trying man! lol, thanks for the comment and the follow!
  • Boomtoon43 reply Nice video, I just signed up for and i'm glad to see there are tech channels here too!
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